Atirah is a beautiful young lady. She is very talkative and easily comfortable around other people. She is very inquisitive and often asks questions. Because of the trauma she has endured, Atirah struggles with a number of challenges. She would do best in a home where she is the only child. It is not clear if Atirah understands that she is available for adoption or how she feels about being adopted.

Alessandro (Alex)

Alessandro (Alex) is a joy to be around. He can be a very active and busy kid. Alessandro is very playful, sometimes impatient. He tends to get bored very easily, so needs distractions or activities that will keep him occupied. Alessandro plays well with others. He has a fun personality. Alessandro is very good at finding things on the computer. He loves helicopters, planes, music, and looking at pictures of animals. Alessandro enjoys running around the backyard and picking up sticks. He would benefit from a structured, routine home that is able to give him consistency. He would also benefit from a home that is able to supervise him often.

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