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Myth: Adoption is extremely expensive.

Fact: When you adopt a child from a community based care agency you will not be charged fees related to home studies, placement, or pre-adoptive training or adoption fees. There can be expenses related to attorney fees and court costs, but these may be reimbursed by the state. Other one-time-only expenses that may be reimbursed include birth certificate fees and travel expenses for visiting the child.

Myth: The adoption process takes several years.

Fact: The time required for the adoption varies from case to case, but many adoptions can be completed in less than 9 months.

Myth: The biological parent can take the child back after they have been adopted.

Fact: Florida children are not available for adoption until after the birth parents have had their parental rights terminated.

Myth: Once the adoption is finalized, I will be on my own.

Fact: Community Partnership for Children will provide you with ongoing post-adoption support.

Myth: Adoptive parents must be married, wealthy, homeowners, etc.

Fact: Adoptive parents do not have to fit into a certain demographic. Love, patience, and commitment to the child are the most important characteristics.

Myth: Information about a child’s history may be withheld.

Fact: Community Partnership for Children will disclose the child’s full history to the prospective adoptive parents. Post-adoption support services are available for those who need them.

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