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Myth: Foster children are difficult or badly behaved.

Fact: Foster children need consistent and patient care, just like any other children. Some do have needs that require additional support, but Community Partnership for Children provides foster parents with resources to assist when needed.

Myth: I can’t be a foster parent because I am single, I don’t make a lot of money, or I don’t own my home.

Fact: You can be a foster parent whether you are single or married, a renter or homeowner. The only financial requirement is that you have an income source to cover your monthly expenses.

Myth: I must be a stay-at-home parent in order to foster.

Fact: Foster parents can work full time and utilize various child care options. Community Partnership for Children will help you find childcare resources when needed.

Myth: I am too old to be a foster parent.

Fact: Many empty nesters and retirees find fostering to be an extremely rewarding experience.

Myth: I can’t make a difference if the child has been through too much.

Fact: Children are very resilient and have the potential to thrive in the right environment!

Myth: I have been arrested, so I cannot foster.

Fact: All prospective foster parents are fingerprinted prior to being enrolled in a class. The Background Screening Department at the Department of Children and Families reviews all arrests, regardless of the outcome, and determines if someone is eligible. The majority of misdemeanors are not disqualifying offenses; the majority of felonies are.

Myth: You must be wealthy to foster.

Fact: Great foster parents come from diverse economic backgrounds and many walks of life. You certainly don’t have to be rich!

Myth: You must pay for the child’s health insurance.

Children in foster care receive Medicaid.

Myth: You must have prior parenting experience to foster.

Fact: There is no requirement to have prior parenting experience. Some foster parents have raised their own biological children, or otherwise had a parental role, but many have not. Effective parenting is covered in the training process.

Myth: LGBTQ people can’t foster.

Fact: People in the LGBTQ community can foster, and many are great foster parents.

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