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About The Heart Gallery

The idea for the Heart Gallery started at the suggestion of Santa Fe photographer and adoptive mother Cathy Maier Callanan.  Cathy and Diane Granito, a recruiter for the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD), brought the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words" to life.  In 2001, the nation's first Heart Gallery was launched as a way to help New Mexico's "waiting children" step from the shadows into the light with dignity.  Since that time, over 120 Heart Galleries (and growing) have been launched across the United States to increase the number of adoptive families for children needing homes in our communities.

Our children are precious and our mission is to enable foster children who are eligible for adoption in our communities to realize their dream of finding permanent, loving adoptive families to call their own.  We hope to raise awareness about the hundreds of children who desperately need and deserve the shelter and love of forever homes.

Meet Our Children

Amarilis is a beautiful, independent young lady. Amarilis is a good cook and a good helper. She is very smart, affectionate, passionate, and active. Amarilis would benefit from a home which is able to provide her with nurturance, guidance, and structure. She needs a home with a strong female role model and preferably that is bilingual. She would do well with older siblings that could be positive role models for her.



Asia is a beautiful young lady. She enjoys playing on the basketball team and is working on improving her skills. She has difficulty relating with children her same age and relates more to children younger than her. She enjoys watching the Disney channel and playing outside. She does well with incentive-based rewards. Asia is in need of a family who is willing to care for her into adulthood. Asia may not fully understand the idea of adoption however she is aware that she is available for adoption.



Emmanuel is a bright, handsome teenager. He enjoys sports, especially football and basketball. He also likes video games. He desires to become an auto mechanic one day. He has difficulty trusting people and will need a patient family that can build trust with him over time while providing a structured environment. It may be beneficial for an interested family to engage in a mentor type relationship with Emmanuel prior to proceeding with adoption.



Jarvis is a handsome young man. He has shown interest in football but recently is expressing interest in joining the wrestling team. He is very polite and helps others when they are in need. He would do well with a family who is laid back but firm with more of a teaching approach to parenting. He maintains contact with family members.




Kaleb is a handsome young man, working towards independence. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing basketball, listening to music and playing video games. He is friendly, outgoing and helpful. Kaleb would benefit from a home that can provide him with consistency, understanding and patience.





McKaylah is a beautiful young lady with brown hair and hazel eyes. McKaylah likes to read, sing and play with other kids. She enjoys being helpful around the house. She is very bright and usually does well academically. McKaylah is very active and athletic. She is proud of her athletic abilities and does not enjoy being taken away from an activity she is participating in until that activity is over. She feels that it is important to continue her athletics in an adoptive family. Her favorite foods are pizza and ice cream. She is looking for a family with a mother and father. She feels that she does better with other children who are older than her rather than younger children. She wishes to maintain connections with family members.


Zack is a tall, handsome teenager. He can be shy until he warms up to you however he remains guarded. He is friendly and gets along well with adults and peers. He enjoys basketball, football, video games, watching TV, fishing, his cell phone, and going to the beach. He dreams of being in the military one day. Emotionally, Zack can present as a younger age. He is open to different family compositions and wants to be adopted.



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