Get Involved

Policies & Procedures


Governance Model
Board Recruitment
Long & Short Term Strategic Planning
Conflict of Interest

Policy Creation & Approval

How the System Works


Prevention & Diversion

Service Decision Team-DCF
FIRST (Family Preservation/Shelter Diversion)-D



Early Services Intervention (ESI)


Foster Care/Case Management

Family Assessment
Permanency Goal Selection
Case Planning
Relative Caregiver Program
Identification of Children
Consent for Medical Screening
Institutional Claims for Damages
Exit Interview
Mandatory Reporting Requirements to the OIG
Funeral Arrangements for Children in Foster Care



Adoption Service Philosophy
Adoption Recruitment Inquiries
Adoptive Home Study
Adoptions Subsidy Approval Process
Disclosure Information to Adoptive Parents
Assessment of Children for Adoption
Match Staffing
Selection Staffing
Adoption Service Planning Reviews
Adoption Review Committee
Sibling Separation Staffing
Disruption of Adoptive Placement
Adoption Reunion Registry
Post Adoption


Behavioral Health Care

Behavioral Support & Management Philosophy
Behavioral Support & Management Training
Referral for Comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessment
MDT Notification of Change
Absentee MDT Staffing
Authorization of STFC
Cancelled MDT Staffing
CBHA Quality Assurance Review
BHS Initial Suitability Assessment
MDT Discharge Planning
MDT Geographic Area Served
MDT Scheduling Referral Process
MDT Staffing Membership
MDT Structure Documentation
STFC Capacity & Compliance
Administration of Psychotropic Medication
Pre-Consent Review for Psychotropic Medication


Placement & Network Services

Foster Home Recruitment, Training, Licensing & Retention
Foster Home Placements
The Prevention & Placement of Child Victims


Special Populations

Reporting Missing Children
Recovering Missing Children
Reports & Services Involving Indian Children
Services to Unaccompanied Refugee Minors
Compliance with the Multi-Ethnic Placement Act (MEPA)
ICPC/OSC Home Study Request
Advocacy for Youth With Disabilities


Permanency/Legal Issues

Diligent Search
Termination of Parental Rights
Termination of Service/Case Closure


Performance & Quality Improvement

Stakeholder Satisfaction
Incident Reporting


Contract Management

Contract Procurement
Contract Monitoring/Reporting & Corrective Action
Contracting Procedures
Contract Management
Contract Amendments, Renewals & Terms
Retention, Storage & Disposal of Contract Files
Contract Document Selection
Contract Expenditure Tracking
Contract Invoicing
Contract Terminology
Contract Deliverables

Risk Prevention & Management

Privacy Policy
Building Maintenance

Administrative & Service Environment

Custody & Issuance of Keys


Information Systems

HIPAA Compliance
Network Security
Data Security
Security Incident Reporting & Tracking
Internet-Email Usage
Information System Back-Up


Records Management

Records Management
Responding to Release of Case Mgmt Records
Responding to Requests for Public Records
Sharing Information with Children



Segregation of Duties
Bank Account Reconciliation
Annual Budget Preparation
Budget Forecasting
Collections & Write Off's
Investment Policy
Purchasing and Accounts Payable Authorization


Human Resources

Equal Employment Opportunity
Americans with Disabilities
Drug Free Workplace
Employee Conflict of Interest
Access to Personnel Records
Satisfaction & Retention Goals and Actions
Total Compensation & Benefits
HIPAA Awareness
Paid Time Off
Payroll Responsibilities


Professional Development

Credentialing Provisional Phase


Communication & Fund Development

Crisis & Media Communication
Confidentiality and Use of Photos
Promotional Material Development



Mentor Recruitment Process
Recruitment of Participants
Program Acceptance
Mentor Screening & Assessment
Orientation, Training & Support
Matching Criteria
Mentor Support & Recognition


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