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Information for Prospective Foster Parents

Below is important information that will help answer questions you may have as you consider becoming a foster parent. 

Guidelines for Foster Home Licensure

  1. If married or co-habitating, both parents must attend pre-service training.
  2. All adults in the home have to be fingerprinted, have an abuse records check, a civil records check, and a criminal records check from each county and state they have resided in for the past 5 years.
  3. All children between the ages of 12 and 17 will have a criminal records check.
  4. Three personal references, one employment reference, daycare or school reference for all children that attend, references from all adult children
  5. Prospective foster parents must provide proof that they are financially stable.
  6. Each foster child must have his/her own bed to sleep in. Sharing beds is not permitted even in the case of siblings.
  7. Children over the age of one are never allowed to share a bedroom with adults.
  8. Under NO circumstances can physical discipline be used with a foster child.
  9. ALL medications (prescription and over the counter), cleaning supplies, firearms, and alcohol must be locked and inaccessible to children at ALL times.
  10. All homes in Putnam and Volusia County must complete a Radon test kit.
  11. All foster parents must complete a basic Water Safety class. The class is offered online and there is no cost.
  12. All dogs and cats must have current rabies vaccinations.
  13. All foster homes must have operational smoke detectors central to sleeping areas and a fire extinguisher that has been inspected and tagged
  14. Foster children must be afforded 40 square feet each in their bedrooms.
  15. If you are not a citizen you must provide proof of legal residency.

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