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Fun and playful, Zachary is a 14 year old boy looking for an adoptive home that will be his forever family. Zack loves playing video games and has life goals of becoming a marine one day. He states he would want to go to Afghanistan to fight for his country. Zack loves dogs and hopes to find a home where he can bring his dog, Ellie. He states that his dogs are the only things that have ever truly loved him.  Zack loves science and wants to do better in math. He has experienced a great deal of loss in his 13 years and would love a mother and father and maybe a big brother.

Zack will need a very consistent family that has a lot of structure and be patient while learning how Zach copes with his stressors.  Are you willing to take Zack into your home forever? If so, please contact his adoption home finder and amanda.taylor@cbcvf.org

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