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Community Partnership for Children’s Level 1 Program and Guardian Assistance Program or GAP is a benefit for caregivers who provide care for children who have been placed in their home by the Court. These programs license the caregivers as Level 1 child-specific foster parents and is intended to be a temporary resource while the children's parents work through the challenges they need to in order for the children to safely return home. These caregivers can be relatives or non-relatives with a kinship bond to the child. Should the Court close the case to Permanent Guardianship, the Level 1 benefit becomes the GAP benefit and the services continue until the child reaches 18, or in some instances until the child reaches the age of 21.


Benefits of the Level 1 and GAP Programs:

  • Child receives Medicaid to cover medical, dental, and therapeutic services
  • Training on how to better meet the needs of a child who has experienced trauma
  • Ongoing support
  • Connections to community resources including the Foster Parent Association
  • Monthly benefit of $333 per month per child upon completion of licensing requirements


If you would like more information on the Community Partnership for Children’s Level 1 Program and Guardian Assistance Program or GAP, please contact Sara Odzinski at (386) 238-4900 or


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